“RBG, Pray for Us and Our Democracy”

Unlike Christianity, Judaism does not have saints. Nevertheless, the Jewish religion must find a way to honor a Giant of Constitutional Law that is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She should be honored among those courageous women of Biblical times and named as a “Woman of Valor,” a monumental matriarch of justice and equality in modern times.

Meanwhile, other religions that do honor the righteous, both living and the dead, as saints should definitely consider canonizing Ruth Bader Ginsburg for all she did for all of mankind, for men and women alike, and especially under-served and underprivileged minorities.

If the Roman Catholic Church can canonize both Joan of Arc and Mother Teresa as saints, why not RBG, who did more to raise the level of justice and equality for all than either of the other two? A tireless champion of not only women’s rights but those for all minorities, RBG continued to the end fighting for all of us despite being ravaged by cancer in her later years.

But most religious leadership is dominated by men, so don’t expect any such movement as canonization any time soon. Of course some conservative fundamentalists, whether Hebrew or Christian, may consider what I’m asking as blasphemy. However, the real blasphemy is for Trump and McConnell to nominate a person who is fully unaware, unable or unwilling to fill the shoes of RBG in an honorable and righteous manner with equality and justice for all. Though tiny in stature, those shoes took such huge strides in changing the views on Constitution Law.

So, what can we the people do? Well, after this time of mourning when we pray for RBG and those she left behind, we can then pray to her. Yes, that’s right, pray to Saint Ruth whenever you see those disgusting tweets and hear the hypocritical soundbites from White House staff, cabinet members, unqualified temporary heads of agencies and, last but certainly not least, Senators. And you will see and hear tons of them leading up to a vote on the Supreme Court nominee and the general election.

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just something simple but sincere: “Dear Saint Ruth or Dear RBG, please look after the health and welfare of our nation in these trying times and protect our beloved democracy. Thank you.” Or even simpler: “RBG, pray for us and our democracy.”

That’s it. If you have any prayers that you personally would like to mention, you’re welcome to add them to the comments below. Poetry, as always, is more than welcome.

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