“Water, the softest substance, overcomes the hardest.” – Tao de Ching
Hello, Hari Om! My name is J. Paul Peszko, and I’m your host here at SoCal Tai Chi. I have been a long-time practitioner of Tai Chi and the Internal Martial Arts and have worked with a number of grandmasters of various styles. Like many of us who practice this art, I remain dedicated to sharing all that I have discovered about this mysterious,wondrous practice and its equally mysterious source – the eternal Tao, the Brahman

I hope you will take the time to search through this website as there is much of interest for both the beginner and the experienced practitioner as well as anyone who would like to discover more about their physical equipment that we call the body.

The body and mind are wonderful tools, but they are not who you are.  You are much, much more than an inert body and mind, You are what empowers them.




  1. Hi Paul, I am senior student of William CC Chen certified by him to teach. I started in Professor Cheng Man Ching’s Shr Jung school in NYC in 1973, and joined Master Chen in 1978. I now teach in L.A. from Santa Monica to Silver Lake. Each year I host Master Chen who teaches a workshop in L.A. Please add me to the list of classes/teachers. Thanks

  2. Dear Paul Peszko,
    Thank you for hosting this website. Very informative. In the “Additional Classes” web page under Tai Chi Chuan/Chinese, the website link “Walters, Tom – Tai Chi Chuan, Fullerton” no longer exists. The new website address is managed by his advanced students at: http://mytaichifull.com/
    His advanced students and the last students that he taught formed a Tai Chi Chuan Club in Fullerton to continue practicing the Tung Family Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Retired Teacher Tom Walters still visits us at least once a month to critique / teach us Tai Chi Chuan to make sure our forms do not degrade into bad habits.

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