Ikko Matsuura’s quiet demeanor makes him appear unassuming and more like an accomplished musician or artist than an energy master.  Yet, as he works on patients’ energy fields, he appears like a sculptor shaping the Ki or Qi with the delicate touch of his hands.

Master Matsuura’s clinic, Body Balance, is located in Tajima City, Japan, where he lives with his wife and three children.  He came to Los Angeles to visit one of my martial arts brothers, Eiji Inoue, the tai chi and yoga instructor at the South Pasadena and Alhambra YMCAs.  The timing was perfect for me.  I had just finished ten weeks of physical therapy on a severe shoulder injury, which had been extremely slow to heal.  In fact, my orthopedist said that surgery was the only possibility.

Fortunately, Eiji introduced me to Master Matsuura, and after only one brief Ki Energy session, my shoulder improved tremendously. I even returned to get a treatment on an old knee injury suffered way back in high school.  I was so impressed with Master Matsuura’s ability that I wanted to share some of his knowledge with fellow martial artists, athletes and anyone suffering from a debilitating injury or chronic illness.

At his clinic in Japan, he has both professional and high school athletes among his many clients that span the age spectrum from childhood to seniors.  He treats problems from simple muscular disorders to severe injuries like whiplash and all types of disease and illnesses from asthma to cancer.

Assisted by Eiji Inoue’s translations where needed, my interview with Ikko Matsuura follows:


PAUL: As martial artists, most of us understand what Ki or Qi is even though we cannot see it.  So, how is it possible for you to work with this energy.

IKKO: One method is with applied kinesiology testing to check the flow of Qi.

PAUL: What exactly do you check for?

IKKO: About eighty percent of illnesses are caused by spinal distortions.  So, I check first for distortions in the spine or backbone, and then I analyze the state of nerve energy.

PAUL: How do you go about analyzing the nerve energy?

IKKO: Through a person’s astral field.  Whatever blockage or damage they have in their physical body will appear in their astral field.

PAUL: And you read their Biofield directly?

IKKO: Yes, that’s correct.

PAUL: So, you don’t need any special equipment.

IKKO: No, no equipment, no needles, no drugs.  We don’t need anything.  Qi is everywhere.  It is infinite.  It is economical and completely safe.  There are no side effects.  It will not worsen a condition.  Therefore, it’s safe for anyone from a small child to an older person and even pregnant women.

PAUL: How come Qi or Ki Energy is so effective?

IKKO: Because it is simple, basic.  It’s undistorted primal energy – completely natural.  It is intelligent and very close to omnipotent.  Using it heightens the natural healing power, so a whole body adjustment can be performed.  That makes Qi treatment an exact and easy method of healing.

PAUL: We know that surgery is invasive and drugs can be very toxic and have severe side effects.  But how does Ki treatment compare to other non-invasive, alternative treatments?

IKKO: Neither the backbone nor the head is corrected hard as with chiropractic.  So, it is not painful.  Nothing is inserted as in acupuncture, which can be painful, especially if you have to move during the treatment.

PAUL: What about its effectiveness compared to other alternative treatments?

IKKO: The small stimulus of Qi Energy may not be enough for those who have a need for stronger stimuli such as acupressure, shiatsu massage, or Anma massage.  However, in actual fact, a smaller stimulus is more readily accepted by the body.

PAUL: Why is that?

IKKO: Because I first work with a client’s astral field in the fourth dimension.  From the astral field, the stimulus I send penetrates into the meridians, which are very subtle energy paths through the body.  Therefore, the more subtle the energy coming in the more readily it can be absorbed into the meridians.

PAUL: So acupuncture and acupressure work directly on the three-dimensional physical structure and do not interact with the four-dimensional Biofield?

IKKO: That’s right.

PAUL: Are there ever any side effects?

IKKO: No, no long term side effects.  Soon after a treatment, those who are weak and have less resistance may feel a little fatigued and/or a little dizzy for one to two days.  However, the benefits of Qi will soon take effect and any side effects will disappear.

PAUL: How many treatments does it take to get well?

IKKO: Everyone is different. Some people improve after one or two treatments, but others with more acute or chronic problems need prolonged treatment.

PAUL: I know you treat athletes at your clinic in Japan.  What are the benefits for them?

IKKO: Muscular power improves because the flow of Qi becomes smooth, and muscles become more flexible — This itself can also help prevent injury in the future.  Moreover, concentration also increases because the body becomes more pliable and posture improves.

PAUL: What about recovery time?

IKKO: With Qigong medical treatments, the flow of Qi, the flow of nerve energy, and any distortion in the bones are improved simultaneously. Therefore, recovery is quick!

PAUL:  A huge concern for athletes right now is head injuries.  The only treatments are rest and in some cases EEG Biofeedback and Neurofeedback.  Can Ki treatments help?

IKKO: They cannot hurt.  The brain is another organ just like the kidneys or the liver.  Whatever trauma it has suffered will appear in the Astral Biofield and can be analyzed and treated with Qi. That can only support and even enhance any other treatment.

PAUL: Can medical Qigong treatments also be preventative?

IKKO: Yes, there is a concept of “non-illness” in Eastern medicine. In the “Qi world,” there is an innate intelligence.  The Qi can perceive minor abnormalities and correct them, effectively preventing them from growing much larger. In Japan we say “illness comes from Qi (mind, feeling),” and, therefore, the secret of health is to improve the flow of the Qi (mind, feeling).

PAUL: And nutrition also plays an important role in improving or even damaging Qi.

IKKO: Food serves as a basis which builds the body and enhances QI. Therefore try to eat natural things as much as you can.  Also, be careful of preservatives, chemical seasonings, artificial coloring, chemical substances, etc. Do not use white sugar.  Also take in other sugars and fruits moderately.

Take alcohol moderately. Be careful of excessive drinking.  Stop bread (yeast) and dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.). Also be careful of eggs. It stands to reason that smoking is bad for your health. Health cannot be bought from a vending machine. Please do not forget that you are the creator of yourself.  Once you realize that, your natural healing power is already activated.

PAUL: Good advice.  Thank you, Ikko.  I hope you will return to Los Angeles soon and possibly open a clinic here.

IKKO: Yes, I would like that very much.


If you wish to learn more about Ikko Matsuura’s work, you can visit his Body Balance website.  If you would like more information or to arrange a treatment session, contact Eiji Inoue at 323-791-9163